Hunan Renan Fire Control Co.,Ltd

Welcome To Renan Hunan Renan Fire Control co., ltd is belonging to Chuan Hai Fire fighting group. Chuan Hai group was established in 2009, which is a professional manufacturer of Emergency light, Fire extinguisher, Fire hose, LED lamp, Fire hydrant, Fire escape rope and so on.There are five factories of our company, which are loaded in Hunan, Wuhan, Guangdong province. Factory in Guangdong produce Emergency light, Factory in Changsha produce fire extinguisher, Factory in Liuyang produce Fire

Hot Products

    • Hopcalite Catalyst

      Hopcalite Catalyst

      Product introduction: Hopcalite Catalyst is a carbon monoxide catalyst, commonly known as carbon monoxide oxidation catalyst. The product is produced and inspected according to the requirements of the People's Republic of China coal industry standard "Carbon monoxide oxidation catalyst...

    • Double-Headed Lights

      Double-Headed Lights

      Rechargeable LED Twin Spot Emergency Lights Introduction: The LED Twin Spot Emergency Light is rechargeable; the powder is 2.5 w or could produce it according to the customer’s requirements. BASIC INFO Powder : 2.5 w* 2 bulds Capacity of cell: Li-ion 6V 4500mAh Emergency Duration: 1 head-32...

    • LED Emergency Panel Light

      LED Emergency Panel Light

      Features: √Professional thermal design, its life span up to 50,000hours,Warranty: 3 years √High brightness, the maximum light output can reach 80lm/w √Low maintenance & Easy installation √Elegant and superior appearance √Contains no lead, glass or mercury, and RoHS compliant √Working...