LED Absorb Dome Light

Introduction: The power of Integration LED Emergency Down light is 9w, emergency duration is 3 hours.
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Led absorb dome lights are commonly used in hotels, conference rooms, factory offices, business negotiations, buildings, schools, hospitals, hospitals, places where energy conservation and high color rendering index are required. Covers: office lighting, home lighting, shopping mall lighting, hotel lighting, showroom lighting, etc.

installation method

1. Inserting method: We need to use L-shaped hardware to fix it on the flat lamp, then use the wire to pass through the hole in the L-shaped code, then fix the wire on the cement ceiling to reduce the weight directly on the ceiling. .

2. Suspension method: First, we will fix the ceiling fitting on the foundation to be installed. The rope will pass through the side code above the panel light, and then the other side of the wire will be fixed on the ceiling.

3. Ceiling method: We first install the ceiling fitting on the panel light, and then hit the ceiling on the side of the ceiling fitting.



The power of Integration LED Emergency Down light is 9w, emergency duration is 3 hours.