Color Empty Fire Extinguisher

Portable Red Color Cold-Roll Steel Empty Cylinder for Fire Extinguisher with ISO Approval for Factory Price
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Color Empty Fire Extinguisher Instruction

The lifting ring on the upper part of the portable cylinder can quickly go to the fire. At this time, care should be taken not to make the fire extinguisher excessively tilted, and not to be taken horizontally or upside down, so as to prevent the two agents from mixing and ejecting in advance. When the distance is about 10 meters from the fire point, the cylinder can be turned upside down, one hand grips the lifting ring, and the other hand holds the bottom ring of the cylinder, aiming the jet at the burning object. In the event of a flammable liquid fire, if it has been burned in a flowing state, the foam is sprayed from far to near, so that the foam completely covers the surface of the combustion liquid; if it is burned in a container, the foam should be directed toward the inner wall of the container to make the foam Flowing along the inner wall, gradually covering the surface of the fire. Do not directly align with the liquid level spray to avoid the impact of the jet, instead of flushing or flushing the burning liquid out of the container to expand the combustion range. When fighting a solid material fire, the jet should be directed at the most violent place. As the effective spray distance is shortened during the fire, the user should gradually approach the combustion zone and always spray the foam on the combustion product until it is extinguished. When in use, the fire extinguisher should always be in an inverted state, otherwise the spray will be interrupted.

Product SPEC.

Out-Dia:160mm; Extinguisher Length:410mm; Weight of Agent: 6kg;

Working Temp: -30 to +60℃Working Pressure:1.4MPa


ABC dry powder

Use Environment

House, Hotel, Working Shop, Shopping Mall, hospital and so on


ST12, DC01, DC03, SPCC Steel


Usually red, black color, or according to customer's requirement

We will provide OEM service for your customers


CE, ISO standard