Color Empty Fire Extinguisher

Portable Red Color Cold-Roll Steel Empty Cylinder for Fire Extinguisher with ISO Approval for Factory Price

Product Details


This kind of Color Empty Fire Extinguisher is made of high quality steel with advanced technology. Its general working pressure is around 150 kg / cm2. According to national standards, it is painted in various colors to show the difference. It should not be exposed during transportation and storage, and should not be mixed with flammable gas cylinders and placed. There should be no oil stain on the bottle mouth, pressure reducing valve and welding torch, otherwise high-pressure oxygen will cause spontaneous combustion. In addition, the Color Empty Fire Extinguisher has the advantages of high quality, high capacity, sophisticated design as well as long using life. It can be applied for fire control, mechanical and so on. It receives an excellent reputation among customers around the world due to high quality. 

Product SPEC.

Out-Dia:160mm; Extinguisher Length:410mm; Weight of Agent: 6kg;

Working Temp: -30 to +60℃Working Pressure:1.4MPa


ABC dry powder

Use Environment

House, Hotel, Working Shop, Shopping Mall, hospital and so on


ST12, DC01, DC03, SPCC Steel


Usually red, black color, or according to customer's requirement

We will provide OEM service for your customers


CE, ISO standard

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