Fire Resistant Suit with Aluminium Foil

Fire Resistant Suit with Aluminum Foil Could protect fireman from the fire, while they approaching fire, high temperature, heat oven etc. Fire Resistant Suits with Aluminum Foil are used for rescue operation in area of intense heat by fire fighters! Also used in Petrochemical industry and plants...

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Product Description 

This kind of Fire Resistant Suit with Aluminium Foil is made of composite material of flame-resistant fiber fabric and vacuum aluminized film with asbestos-free. It is composed of multiple layers like outer fabric, heat insulation layer and comfort layer. The outer layer uses a metal aluminum foil surface material with reflected radiant heat, and can meet the basic clothing manufacturing process requirements and the standard performance requirements of accessories. 

In addition, the Fire Resistant Suit with Aluminium Foil has the advantages of light weight, high strength, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, heat radiation resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance, and harmless to the human body. It can effectively ensure that firefighters and workers in high-temperature places are close to heat sources without being burned by extreme heat, flames, and steam. 

The Fire Resistant Suit with Aluminium Foil is suitable for fire protection, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, iron and steel, machinery, food, electronics, mining and other industries. 


1) Materials: aluminum, fiberglass fabric

2) Large size, special large size
3) Temperatures: 550°C

4)  1 set includes: Helmet, Suit, Pant, Shoes, and Glove

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