Fire accidentally causes fire

- Apr 12, 2018-

Inadequate fires of life can easily cause fires. Many aspects of family life cannot be separated from the use of fire. Fire caused by careless fire mainly has the following three aspects:

1, use fire when cooking. Kitchens are generally small in area, dense in articles, frequently used in fires, and prone to fire accidents. If fried foods are used, excessive oil spillage or pot instability causes the oil to overflow and burn in the event of a fire; when cooking, people leave the food and cause the food to be scorched and ignited; when the liquefied gas tank is too close to the stove and the stove does not It is also possible to ignite liquefied gas tank canisters at the time of the insulation.

2, smoking is careless. The surface temperature of the cigarette butts is 300-450°C, and the center temperature is 700-800°C. When the soot of cigarette butts is dropped, some irregular particles will have Mars, if they fall on relatively dry and loose combustibles, one to three Hours of smoldering can cause fire. When lying on a bed or smoking on a couch, people fall asleep before the cigarettes have died out, and it is easy to place the cigarette butts on the bed or the sofa, eventually causing fire and casualties.

3. Inadequate heating. The brazier was fixed on the wooden frame for a long time, which caused the surrounding and bottom of the wooden frame to be scorched, carbonized and caught fire, causing ignition of nearby flammable materials. In addition, in the winter, some elderly people prefer to put the cage into the bedding to warm up. Baking or roasting cages were knocked over, and the bedding was ignited and a fire broke out, often resulting in casualties.