Gas fire safety knowledge

- Jun 07, 2018-

1. Kitchens using liquefied petroleum gas cannot use stoves such as coal stoves and kerosene stoves at the same time. Once the liquefied gas equipment leaks, it can cause burning or explosion in case of fire.

2. Check for gas leaks. Use a soft-bristle brush, a brush, or a toothbrush to apply soap and water to the pipes and stoves. Where the soapy water is smeared, there are air leaks where the air bubbles appear.

3. After the gas tank is on fire, don't panic, use wet bedding clothes to hold the fire, and then quickly close the gas tank valve so that the gas and oxygen are cut off and the fire will be extinguished.

4. If gas leakage is found, quickly close the air source valve, open the doors and windows for ventilation, do not touch the electrical switch and use an open flame, and do not make calls or mobile phones in the place where the gas leaks.