Graduation season travel, don't forget fire safety

- Jun 27, 2018-

Graduation season travel has become the "standard" for more and more graduates. However, summer is the season of frequent fire accidents. Whether it is to go hand in hand with a small partner, go with a family member, or attack the world alone, you should take good fire safety precautions and stay away from fire accidents. Here, Hunan Ren'an Fire Control Co., Ltd reminds students and parents of students that the following measures must be taken when traveling to prevent fire accidents.

1, before traveling, should carefully check the fire hazards at home, check the liquefied gas, natural gas valve is tight; check all kinds of indoor power plug is unplugged, it is best to switch off the power; check whether indoor combustibles are clean, After checking, you can lock the doors and windows and go out for vacation.

2. When carrying transportation, do not carry dangerous goods and flammable and explosive materials. Be careful to check the position of the escape door, safety hammer and fire extinguisher when you get on the vehicle. Remember not to smoke or dial the mobile phone while refueling; Telephones and other related electronic products; when boarding a dangerous ship, they should be properly rescued and rescued according to the guidance of the staff.

3. Observe the fire prevention regulations in the tourist area. Do not smoke or move in a smoke-free area. Do not throw cigarette butt and throw cigarette butts that have not been completely extinguished into the trash to avoid ignition of other flammable materials in the trash. When camping or picnicing in the wild, pay attention to the safety of the fire and confirm that the open flame is completely extinguished before you can rest or leave.

4. When shopping and leisure in public places, pay attention to the safety exits and fire exits in public places so that they can quickly escape after a fire.

5. When staying at the hotel, pay attention to the hotel's accommodation guide, pay attention to the surrounding fire-fighting facilities, read the safety channel instructions, master the emergency evacuation signs, and know the location of the fire exit and the emergency exit.

6. Close the door when entering or leaving the hotel room. Do not smoke on the bed. Do not put the clothing on the desk lamp. When you hear the fire alarm ringing, quickly leave the emergency exit and do not take the elevator. To escape, use a wet towel to cover your nose and mouth and lower your body.