How to wire the emergency light

- Aug 07, 2018-

The emergency light is set after the normal lighting power is cut off in the event of a fire, guiding the trapped person to evacuate or launch a fire fighting rescue operation. So how do we wire the emergency lights when installing emergency lights on a daily basis? Dongjun to teach everyone emergency light wiring.


Emergency light wiring method:

Two-wire system:

Special emergency luminaires are commonly used for connection. They are not used for emergency lighting or 24 hours of continuous lighting (LED marking lights fall into this category). After the power is turned off, the emergency lights are automatically illuminated.

Three-wire system:

The connection method is a commonly used connection method for emergency lights. It can control the on/off of the normal lighting state of the emergency light. When the power grid is cut off, no matter what state the switch is in, the emergency light immediately lights up. K is a usual lighting switch.

Emergency light precautions

1. To accurately grasp the characteristics of various wiring methods, so as to avoid blind wiring, it should not play a role;

2. Emergency lighting If it is part of the usual lighting, a three-wire controllable connection method should be used.

3. For multi-storey public buildings, if there is no control center, the emergency lighting fixtures of each part can be connected with local switch control (single lamp single control or multi-lamp control) or three-wire connection with centralized control in the distribution box. .
4. There is a fire control center project, in order to meet the fire emergency lighting requirements of the fire control layer and related layers when the fire occurs.