Inadvertent fire caused by fire

- Apr 12, 2018-

There are many types of electrical appliances used in modern households, of which quality defects account for a large proportion, and electrical wires and flame-retardant tubes also have inferior quality and inferiority. In the course of using these appliances, due to their own quality problems and electrical power, power, grounding protection measures are imperfect and leakage, short circuit and other phenomena, so that the internal electrical voltage suddenly increased, the current suddenly increased to cause combustion or explosion. In addition, the illegal use of electricity in households such as aging of lines, bareness, loose connectors, and private connections, can easily lead to fires in circuits and appliances due to short circuits, excessive contact resistance, or overload.

Inadvertent use of electricity causes household fires in various forms. The use of heat-producing electrical appliances such as electric irons, electric frying pans, etc., is easily disassembled due to failure of heat regulation components, too close proximity of combustibles to electrical appliances, and insulation of electrical appliances. Or damage caused combustibles to ignite and burn; electrical appliances that do not produce high heat, such as TVs, stereos, washing machines, etc., are susceptible to faults in the internal electronic circuits and overload the transformer and cause heat and fire; commonly used heat-type lighting fixtures are It may also cause a fire when installed near flammable materials or where heat is not emitted.