Portable dry powder fire extinguisher

- Apr 12, 2018-

Hand or shoulder fire extinguisher can be quickly rushed to the fire, about 5 meters away from the burning place, put down the fire extinguisher. If you are outdoors, you should choose to spray in the upwind direction. If the dry powder fire extinguisher used is of the plug-in type, the operator should grip the spray gun with one hand and open the lifting ring on the other. If the opening of the gas cylinder is hand-wheel type, unscrew it counterclockwise and rotate it to the highest position, then lift the fire extinguisher. When the dry powder sprayed out, quickly aim at the root of the flame. If the dry powder fire extinguisher used is a built-in gas cylinder or a pressure storage type, the operator should first unplug the safety pin on the opener, then hold the nozzle part at the front end of the spray hose, and the other hand will open the pressure handle. Press down and turn on the extinguisher to extinguish the fire. When using a fire extinguisher or pressurized fire extinguisher with a spray hose, the pressure handle should always be pressed down by one hand and cannot be released, otherwise the injection will be interrupted.