Private car fire

- Aug 09, 2018-

Private car fire

        According to the relevant regulations, private cars need to be equipped with fire-fighting devices, but many car owners do not care about this, some do not match, and some do not know about fire-fighters, such as car owners do not understand the life-saving period of fire-fighters. In this regard, Hunan Ren'an fire-fighting technology manufacturers pointed out that the vehicle fire-fighting devices are mostly dry powder fire-fighters, powered by liquid carbon dioxide or nitrogen, and the dry powder fire-fighting agent is sprayed out for fire fighting. Its shelf life is one year. Every other year, the owner checks about whether the gas in the firearm is leaking, whether the dry powder is agglomerated, so that the firearm can be inflated or replaced with dry powder. Otherwise, the firearms that have passed the period may not spray dry powder, perhaps The injection time is greatly shortened, which directly affects the normal operation.Other industry insiders also indicated that car owners should avoid the following three misunderstandings when using fire alarms for fire warning.



Fire-fighting devices can only be used to extinguish primary fires. If it is necessary to master the opportunity, it means that the owner should use the fire-fighting device to compensate when he discovers that the car has odor and smoke, otherwise he will save after seeing the fire, even if The use of a large volume of fire-fighting devices has also become a "cup of water and wages." The fire is important to grasp the opportunity, not the size of the firearm itself.


For people

When using a fire-fighting device, the owner of the vehicle should not arbitrarily spray on the flame, but align it with the root of the flame, and acknowledge that the fire is completely stopped before the fire-fighter can be removed from the self-rescue breathing apparatus.

Brake cover
Some people think that opening the hood will allow air to enter and make the fire more prosperous. The remote video surveillance industry has indicated that even if the hood is not opened, the air is also connected. After the fire, open the hood and check the first time. It is important to 
catch fire.