Emergency Lights Commonly Used Wiring

- Apr 12, 2018-

In the daily supervision and inspection, it was found that it is very common for emergency lighting fixtures to not be used properly due to the incorrect wiring. Emergency lighting should be set up dedicated lines, not set up switches on the way. The two-wire and three-wire emergency luminaires can be unified on a dedicated power supply. The setting of each dedicated power supply should be combined with the corresponding fire protection specifications. If the emergency power supply and the lamp are rotated separately, the electrical connection should be made of high-temperature resistant wire to meet the fire protection requirements.

Two-wire system

The connection method is a common connection method for special emergency lamps. It is suitable for emergency lights that are not used for lighting or 24 hours continuous lighting (CED lights belong to this category). After the power is turned off, the emergency lights are automatically turned on.

Three-wire system

The connection method is a common connection method for emergency lights. It can control whether the emergency lighting is turned on or off at normal times. When the power supply is cut off, no matter what state the switch is in, the emergency light will immediately turn on the emergency. K is the usual light switch.